Cell Phone Buyback

Stress-Free Collection

Our buyback method is designed to minimize hassle for you and your company. Don’t waste your time counting devices and chasing down quotes. We guarantee competitive prices and do all the counting for you. MHD will provide all packing materials and prepaid shipping labels. Simply collect the used devices, pack them up and send them out. No inventory required!

Our 3-Step Validation Process

With MHD, you never have to worry about getting an accurate quote. Using our automated forced-routing process, every shipment is precisely handled from the moment it reaches our facility. Each delivery is carefully weighed immediately upon receipt. Every device is digitally identified and recorded. Each unit is assigned a unique identifier. Careful documentation on each unit is maintained throughout the process. Every client will be provided with a secure customized portal that allows you to track the progress of your shipment.

Meeting International Standards

With ISO and R2 certifications to be finalized by the end of 2012, we adhere to strict international guidelines in the processing of second-hand electronics. We perform NIST-compliant secure data erasure and full factory reset on every device. Any devices that are deemed unrecoverable are e-cycled following international guidelines for electronics disposal. When we finish processing your shipment, every client is provided with a complete record of every device, including a certificate of data destruction for each unit.