Like all great entrepreneurs, Michael started his electronics reselling business at the age of 23 in his mother’s garage. With Michael’s ingenious efforts, space was running tight and it was time for him to move up to a larger area. A 10,000 square foot warehouse with an additional 15,000 square foot came available and Michael was turning product into profit. By taking in electronics and re-purposing them for resell to consumers, he showed he could dominate with what others would consider not useful. After just a year, Michael was looking for a larger space so that he could take on more electronics and grow. Taking on a 15,000 square-foot warehouse, Michael could see his vision come to fruition, but he was not done yet. Michael began to see the change that he made and wanted to give back to the community. He hired workers from rehabilitation programs to give them hope when others would simple turn them away. With a staff driven by purpose and a renewed sense of life, MHD would post record revenue of $7 million in 2012. MHD’s skyrocketing sales — which grew 6,277 percent between 2008 and 2011 to $7 million — landed it at No. 28 on this year’s Inc. 500 list. At MHD Enterprises the mission is to “Recreate Value and Rethink Life.”