MHD’s trademarks, service marks, trade names, and trade dress are valuable assets. In following these guidelines, you help us protect our valuable trademark rights and strengthen our corporate and brand identities. By using an MHD trademark, in whole or in part, you are acknowledging that MHD is the sole owner of the trademark and promising that you will not interfere with MHD’s rights in the trademark, including challenging MHD’s use, registration of, or application to register such trademark, alone or in combination with other words, anywhere in the world, and that you will not harm, misuse, or bring into disrepute any MHD trademark. The goodwill derived from using any part of an MHD trademark exclusively inures to the benefit of and belongs to MHD. Except for the limited right to use as expressly permitted under these Guidelines, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder, by implication or otherwise.